Ballistic Glass


Ballistic glass is designed to provide transparent and lightweight protection for military armored personal carriers (APC), light armored vehicles (LAV) and executive armored vehicles (EAV). It is made with asymmetrical multi-layer laminated glass clad poly-carbonate, with a variety of constructions to defeat a wide range of threat levels. Handgun, assault rifle projectiles, improvised explosive devices (IEDS), artillery fragments, with minimum weight and thickness.  Features of bullet-resistant glass:  Distortion free windshield for safe and comfort driving Excellent visibility with super-clear low-iron glass Curved and tinted glass with dot-matrix black band to match OEM glass for complete discretion. Optional Heated deicing/ defogging windscreens with ITO coating or wiggle wire mat. Edge seal for long service life Lighter and thinner glass with non spalling